Cognitive trails in Krekenava Regional Park


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Way of traveling: Route distance: 3.9 km Duration of the route: 4 d..
forest path: 100%

You are welcome to try four cognitive trails in Krekenava Regional Park. You can awaken all of your senses in the „Path of sences“ which is located nearby Krekenava Regional Park visitors centre. Try to get lost in the labyrinths of oxbow lakes and observe unique flora and fauna of riverside in Nevėžis River Valley cognitive trail. You will learn about mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles which lives in the forest in the Forest trail which is located nearby Pašiliai bison paddock. There is an opportunity to learn more about forest and job of a forester in cognitive „Forest gnome trail“ nearby forestry station of Krekenava.

Route start. Krekenava Regional Park Visitors Centre Exposition
The visitors centre is the best place to start your trip around Krekenava Regional Park. Here you can get acquainted with the values of nature and culture protected in Krekenava Regional Park. In this unique and interactive exposition you will discover the peculiarities of the Nevežis River and its valley, you will be able to stroke a real bison’s tail, to see the treasures of nature hidden in the natural meadows, to hear the sounds of birds and bats, to smell the forest floor, and to see how people used to live by the Nevėžis River. The employees of Krekenava Regional Park Visitors Centre will not only be always pleased to...
Duration: 30 min.
Duration: < 1 min. Distance: 51 m
Krekenava Regional Park Observation Tower
Wouldn’t it be fun to take a look at the plains of Central Lithuania from a bird’s eye view? Climb 125 steps to the observation deck of Krekenava Regional Park Observation Tower, which is 25 metres high. You will see the nicely curving dark waters of the Nevėžis River, the mazes created by the old riverbeds, the ways of living of the people of Krekenava and its surroundings. You will see the wide plains of Central Lithuania and the landscape enlivened by the Nevėžis valley engraved on them. The Observation Tower is installed next to Krekenava Regional Park Visitors Centre where you can receive thorough help when planning...
Duration: 15 min.
Duration: < 1 min. Distance: 420 m
Nevėžis River Valley Cognitive Trail
Would you like to see what the natural wet meadows of the Nevėžis River valley with the labyrinths of old waterbeds look like? Take a stroll on the 1.6 km cognitive trail. During each season the trail looks differently: in winter it is covered with snow and ice, in spring and summer it is full of blossoming plants and life. In early spring, the trail can be flooded and occupied by migrating birds. After ascending the 6 m high tower at the beginning of the trail, you will be able to inspect the area from the above, and get acquainted with the plant and animal species found of the trail which are described on the information boards. Take a...
Duration: 30 min.
Duration: < 10 min. Distance: 1.5 km
Duration: < 10 min. Distance: 930 m
Stone Rapolas
On the bank of the river Linkava, there peacefully lies a huge boulder with a spectacular name Rapolas. Although according to the Lithuanian fairy tales, such stones were dropped at one or another place by the Devil, they were brought to Lithuania by a much more powerful force – the glacier. For this reason, such stones are called boulders. Due to its spectacular size: 14.54 m in length, 2.55 in height, 5.14 m in length and 4.18 m in width, in 1964 it has been announced as a natural monument. It is believed that the unusual name was given to the stone according to the name of the local farmer who lived nearby. Drop by to say...
Duration: 20 min.
Duration: < 1 min. Distance: 430 m
Duration: < 1 min. Distance: 24 m
Pašiliai bison paddock
Krekenava Regional Park is the only protected area in Lithuania where you can see freely pasturing the largest European beast – the European bison ( Bison bonasus L. ). The revival of the bison in Lithuania in the year 1969 started precisely here, in Pašiliai bison paddock. In ancient times, there were many bison in Lithuanian forests. Unfortunately, because of the expanding cultivated fields and forest areas and increased hunting, in the middle of the 19th century bison no longer lived in Lithuania. By the efforts of scientists, the current population of wild bison has been restored from the bison kept in zoos and...
Duration: 30 min.
Duration: < 1 min. Distance: 470 m