A trip by bike "1st adventure of poet Rainis"

Way of traveling: Route distance: 20 km Duration of the route: 9 d..
asphalt: 1% dirt road: 100% forest path: 1% singletrack: 1%

The route passes through the Dunava-Rubene forests to Kaldabruņa and Červonka. It is rich in mystical places, stories, abandoned homes and empty villages, the endless presence of nature and the inspiring breeze of Rainis' creative work.

Raiņa pirmais ceļojums
Route start. ‘Tadenava’ Rainis Museum
Surrounded by untouched Latvian nature, Tadenava is the birthplace of the poet and public figure Rainis, it is the cradle of his sun and love philosophy. Rainis spent the first three and a half years of his life in Tadenava. The museum compound includes a farmhouse and a barn built in 1860’s by Rainis’ father, Krišjānis Pliekšāns, a house built in 1920’s for the new ‘Dāboliņi’ farm, as well as a sauna building and a basement. Having been restored, the museum now offers its exhibits, with a game: every visitor can use interactive toys to find out more about Rainis’...
Duration: 2.5 d..
Trip to recreation area
Duration: < 10 min. Distance: 870 m
"Near Eglainīte" recreation area
A 3 km long walking path of discovery has been created in the ‘Eglone’ nature reserve, intended to educate the public. The route of the path leads through the natural meadows and oak forests of the reserve, with views on the Eglainīte river and its old channel, and opportunities to see rare insect species that can be found here. The ‘Pie Eglainītes’ recreation area is an excellent place to rest before or after taking the path; this area is set up next to the environmental education centre of the ‘Eglone’ nature reserve. The ‘Tadenava’ Rainis Museum is located nearby. The...
Duration: 1.5 d..
Trip from Tadenava to Gulbji
Duration: 35 min. Distance: 8 km
‘Gulbji’ Sēļi farmstead
The ‘Gulbji’ Sēļi farmstead, located in Rubene Parish, Jēkabpils Municipality, is a place the the time has stopped. Nature, a small ethnographic museum, a decorative garden, an orchard and a collection of medicinal plants fit well with the old buildings and complement them. No-chimney sauna, sauna massages with wild plant bunches gathered at the meadow, and a plant-and-honey based scrub; churning of butter, preparation of old Sēļi dishes, baking of real rye bread, rope laying, sowing of grain in a way done by our ancestors: all of these activities are offered to the visitors of the farmstead. Here you can find out about...
Duration: 2.5 d..
Trip from Gulbji to Kaldabruņa
Duration: 30 min. Distance: 7 km
Meadow Museum in Kaldabruņa
The Meadow Museum was created in a century-old Kaldabruņa primary school by the ‘Ūdenszīmes’ society. Its exhibits are put together such that they represent the course of a human life. Enter the world through the golden dew on silk grass; become engrossed with the enormity of the world at the Childhood light object; experience creative adventure in the wreath of a Cloud; discover the other side of life in the wreath of Heritage. The main exhibition is complemented by the wreath of Healers telling the stories about local natural healers, and the sash of Kaldabruņa Māra in the hole of an oak. The ‘Midnight...
Duration: 2.5 d..
Trip to Červonka church
Duration: 20 min. Distance: 4.7 km