Nature reserve "Pilskalnes Siguldiņa"

Nature reserve "Pilskalnes Siguldiņa"

The protected nature area Pilskalnes Siguldiņa, situated in a gorgeous valley that has been carved by melting glacier waters, has the territory of 59.3 hectares. The banks of the valley are thickly covered with broad-leaved trees. There are several education trails in the protected nature area:

* The Dendrologic and Geographic Route. Length: 3.8 km. The route forms a closed circle and includes 28 dendrologic, 10 geologic and cultural heritage objects. It takes 2-3 hours to complete the route. Visitors can see magnificent heritage trees, oaks forming a bridge of boughs, trees of various species forming coalesced forks.

*Sprīdītis Trail for Children. Length: 1.6 km. It starts at the small water-reservoir. There are 32 wooden statues of the heroes from the fairy tale Sprīdītis (Tom Thumb) by Anna Brigadere on the trail.

*Melnais kalns (Black Mountain) is a state-protected archaeological monument. Historically a Selonian wooden castle stood on the mountain for quite a long period of time. Fragments of scratched and plastered pottery as well as other artefacts were found on the site. Archaeological excavations testify about the presence of the Baltic tribes on this territory. The cultural layer and plenty of charcoal in the soil of the bank of River Dubupe probably gave the hill its name – the Black Mountain (Melnais kalns).

* Trail Vēstures liecinieki (Witnesses of History). Length 0.6 km. It is the continuation of the dendrologic route and runs along a virgin primeval forest. The trail tells reveals the First World War heritage – protective structures of the German Army or dug-outs.

*Marsh Trail. A wooden plank-way across a small cranberry marsh. A fascinating chance to check out the marshland flora and the carnivorous plant sundew.